How to separate two colors of nail art with gel nail polish products

Many people think that solid-color nails are single, so you might as well try a two-color or multi-color collision, but in reality, how can the two colors of nail art be separated naturally? I have summarized these methods and designs for everyone. The nail art has become fashionable and classy.

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Small prop one: black plastic bag

First polish the nails and apply the primer, wait for it to dry, and then apply the white nail polish to make the primer; then we use our small props black plastic bag, divided into small strips of the same width, cross each other and place them on the nails. Fix or bind the above; if you need several colors, divide it into several small pieces, and then paint the colors you want in different block areas. The more blocks, the better the color is to choose similar colors. After the application is finished, wait for it to dry, and then take apart the black thin striped bag, so that a color-matched nail art is completed.

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Props 2: Scotch tape

If you want a two-color nail art pattern, then you need to use scotch tape. Also trim and polish the nails first, and apply a layer of primer to protect the nails. Paint the entire nail with the background color you want. When it is almost dry, place two transparent tapes on the nails crosswise, V-shaped cross parts as needed Choose to face up or down, and then apply another color of nail polish on the untaped area, and peel off the scotch tape when it dries slightly before it is completely dry. Because it is covered by scotch tape, you don’t have to worry about crossing the boundary when applying another color, so that the two colors are separated. Finally, use nail polish remover to clean up the excess nail polish on the edge of the nail.

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Small prop three: cardboard

The cardboard here actually plays the same role as the tape, but it is more convenient to cover and remove, and it is more suitable for French manicure. First trim the nails to meet the requirements, apply oil to protect the real nails, and then directly operate with the long or square nails. On the nails, the tips of the nails are covered with cardboard to cover most of the nails, and the exposed parts are painted with white nail polish. After it dries, use cardboard to cover the white and refuel. Use another color to draw an arc or a straight line along the cardboard. Choose according to your desired nail style. The two colors of such a simple French manicure are separated, and the final nail will become well-defined, and will not be crooked or overrun.

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Post time: Mar-09-2021

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